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What We Do


Humanitarian relief

We provide humanitarian aid, help victims of catastrophes, natural disasters, armed conflicts and wars, at home and abroad. We support the integration of foreigners, especially refugees, providing both ad hoc support and professional and social reintegration.


Education in the field of IT

We support education and improvement of professional competences in the IT area of ​​women and young people at risk of social and professional exclusion. We educate in the field of security, promote innovation and modern technologies.


Community building

Our foundation is all about people. With each project we expand our network, bringing together people of great hearts and minds to join forces and build a community of broadly understood support for people in need and for each other.

Our Initiatives In Action

Life Corner

Every day residents of eastern Ukraine experience the horror of shelling from the Russian military. In small villages most people have nowhere to hide from the hail of bullets, and their own home becomes a trap for them.

Foundation Unity and Strength from Ukraine, in cooperation with local authorities and our dear partner Koper Pomaga Foundation, organizes shelters for civilians in case of shelling. They are just starting a project to build 108 shelters.
The project will be implemented in the villages of Kucherivka, Petropavlivka, Synkivka and Podolia. This is a region heavily affected by warfare. There is no electricity, gas or water there. Water is available only in places where there are wells.

warM Ukraine Campaign Report

After 4 months of the campaign, the generators were delivered
to 6 hospitals and one water pumping station (supplying 4000 people, including
a hospital).
A great THANK YOU we send to our dear Partners, who contributed to this amazing success. We invite you to read the full warM Ukraine Campaign Report (takes only 2 minutes)

Water for 4 thousands people!

warM Ukraine has another beautiful success and the story behind it is just amazing. Thanks to Koper Pomaga Foundation we found out, that 4000 people in Vovchansk are left without water supply – the power shortage in the local water pumping station was the reason. Just one day after that, we happened to meet the amazing team of Capita Polska and Capita Experience who decided to finance the purchase of the generator for Vovchansk! And on the top of that, we found an available 100kW generator available in Netherlands (which was kind of a miracle at that time)! In a very short time the generator was delivered to Vovchansk thanks to the support of Yukon Foundation and Unity and Strength Foundation. It is hard to describe our joy, when the generator got there…

Medicines for children's hospital in Kharkiv delivered!

It was a bit challenging, but anything is possible if you work with people with big hearts and open minds. Thank you Sandoz Polska and Polish – Swiss Chamber of Commerce, thank you Koper Pomaga Foundation, than you Yukon Foundation and Unity and Strength Foundation! We are very happy, that we could be part of this amazing initiative:
The associates of Sandoz Polska collected over PLN 34,000 for medicines for Kharkiv Regional Clinical Infectious Diseases Hospital (! The medicines were delivered to the hospital on Saturday and are already used to save the health and lives of patients.

warM Ukraine: first generator delivered!

First generator already in use by the Chernivtsi Regional Psychiatric Hospital! On December 27, 2022 the 120kW diesel generator bought within "warM Ukraine" action was handed over to the hospital. The cost of the generator was EUR 20 000 net. The purchase was possible thanks to the great support of this fundraiser by individuals and thanks to the donations made by several companies. THANK YOU for making it possible! We keep going, since the needs are still growing. Join us! Support and share the link to the fundriser!

Our Intiatives
powierzchni niebieski

About Us

Our Foundation

The foundation's team is largely made up of people with extensive experience in the IT industry and even greater sensitivity to the world around us. This connection resulted in the need to share knowledge and available resources with people for whom such help may mean the only chance to overcome social exclusion, poverty and pathological environments.


The world has changed in recent months. Our foundation has also changed. Seeing the drama of our friends in Ukraine unfolding just outside Poland, we decided to expand our activities and direct our resources also to humanitarian aid for our closest neighbours.

Our Mission

We help people in a difficult social situation, at risk of social and educational exclusion, but also people in a health and life threatening situation. We act HERE and NOW, ensuring  that our support has a long-term potential.


Our Vision

The world in our vision is such a one where people can do more together and they actually do it!

About Us

Our Team

Our Collaboration Partners

powierzchni niebieski

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